YYZ is a pop group fronted by Toronto-born chanteuse Ali McNally, with help from Dan Gamble (synths/guitars) and Ed Wilder (DJ/FX), signed to Universal Music Canada.

After spending the best part of a year locked in the studio with several producers in Ali’s adopted hometown of London, they have concocted a heady brew of devious beats and mind-bending melodies to unleash upon the world.

Equally at home laying down rhymes as belting out toplines, Ali is truly a multi-faceted artist, and a consummate live performer who can instantly transfix an entire dancefloor with a raised eyebrow.



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Pop Justice:

We love YYZ. Since we last wrote about them they’ve signed to Universal and made this video.
An album of those would be just super. [More]

We listened to this gratifyingly berserk pop anthem 24 times over the weekend. Sometimes we fantasised about it being a new Nicola Roberts single. Sometimes we thought it would be a fun Saturdays song. At one point we considered the pandemonium that would ensue if Adele released it, out of nowhere, with a full-on Adele-goes-down-the-disco raveathon-inspired video. But as we’ve looked more closely at new London-based trio YYZ, the more we’re thrilled they’re putting it out themselves, because it feels like a rather exciting new pop act is just starting to get going. [More]

We hadn’t really noticed them before ‘Lost In The Mix’ came along but they’re quite new, and let us tell you this ladies and gentlemen, it turns out that YYZ are EXTREMELY good. [More]

The Guardian:

[…]a new three-piece from London whose music is about as far from prog-metal as it’s possible to get without being silly. Actually, their music is quite silly, but in a good way. Brilliantly bonkers, it’s been called. [More]

Digital Spy:

YYZ is a pop trio consisting of singer Ali McNally, Dan Gamble (synths/guitar) and DJ Ed Wilder. Their new cut is a bouncy club number that sounds primed for a spot on the next Just Dance video game installment. [More]